Meet the Team

Vincent Zhang


Bachelor of Physiotherapy, 2015
– University of South Australia


Vincent completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia in 2015. Since then, he has gathered extensive experience working as a physiotherapist across a range of public health systems, including Port Lincoln Health Services, Hampstead Rehabilitation Hospital, Mt Barker Health Services, and Flinders Medical Centre, in both acute and community settings. He has been specialising in general orthopaedics/post-operative management as well as geriatrics, and is now actively applying his knowledge in the exciting world of Hand Therapy. Vincent also has extended practice scopes of dry needling and clinical pilates.

Vincent operates with a holistic and client-centered framework, combining real-world experience, modern pain science, complex understandings of tissue recovery, strong foundations of health and the latest best evidence all while meeting the clients’ needs. He is very passionate about creative and efficient options to maximise his clients’ function and recovery, and particularly loves finding out-of-the-box options and employing them practically in this pursuit.

Outside of his professional life, Vincent is a practitioner of Kendo through the Adelaide Kenyukai Kendo Club. He has been competing in the national Kendo championships over the better part of a decade and is also actively involved in teaching and coaching roles for both local and state teams.

Vincent is also a keen craftsman in utilising CAD design skills, 3D printing approaches and various hand tools as part of his leisure projects. Some of his ongoing projects include designing and building a remote-control F1 car replica, as well as modifying and assembling customised computer keyboards and peripherals. These interests have proven to be useful in enhancing his hand therapy practice, especially in the areas of splint fabrication, object modification, and office/desk ergonomic assessments.