Neural (Nerve) Mobilisation

neural mobilisation demonstration therapist

Neural mobilisation of the upper limb is commonly used at SA Hand Therapy to reduce pain or stiffness. Studies have identified positive therapeutic benefits to neural mobilisation, and many patients report it is a useful addition to treatment plans (Ellis and Hing, 2008). People with an underlying arm or hand problem often experience neural tightness in their whole arm.

Neural tightness can be caused by tight muscles or fascia (the soft tissue over the muscle), due to an injury, prolonged holding of the arm in the one position or a neurological condition. Typically, the longer an injury has been present, the more neural tightness may be experienced.

Your hand and upper limb therapist will assess this more thoroughly and provide specific exercises and movements for your problem that can be performed in a daily routine. During your clinic visit, we might perform assisted nerve gliding exercises with you in a lying position. Your therapist will safely move your arm, shoulder and hand to gently tension or relax your arm nerves.


Neural mobilisation
may be used with
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Ellis RF, Hing WA. Neural mobilization: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials with an analysis of therapeutic efficacy. Journal of manual & manipulative therapy. 2008 Jan 1;16(1):8-22

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