Worksite Assessment

worksite assessment

At SA Hand Therapy, we offer a comprehensive approach to injury management to support people experiencing hand and upper limb pain, weakness or reduced hand function. We will typically observe a workplace and workplace tasks and provide clear strategies to improve biomechanical efficiency and reduce risk of further injury.

This could include an assessment for someone who we are presently treating who is planning on returning to work or anybody with any upper limb concern needing guidance in relation to their workplace setup and tasks. We work very closely with Return to Work SA and have a clear understanding of their processes.

A hand therapist understands task analysis, meaning we can observe a worker performing parts of their role and break down that task into small components. This allows us to work out a more efficient and safe way of performing a specific activity. Our recommendations will usually include a return-to-work schedule such as suggested hours /days, adjusted tasks or alternative duties.

We can also provide assistive equipment, activity modification or upper limb postural supports.


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