Paediatric Hand Therapy and Fine Motor Assessment

paediatric hand therapy therapy

Our team has skills in treating specific hand and upper limb disorders in children of all ages – from the littlest toddlers through to teenagers. Whether it be conditions causing disabilities, sporting injuries, fractures or any issue requiring a diagnosis, we are able to investigate and put supports in place.

We offer paediatric hand and fine motor skill assessment to help families and carers manage functional fine motor skill delays in children. Our extensive background in occupational therapy allows us to complete thorough assessment via task-analysis and standardised assessment for your child’s specific fine motor abilities. This may be related to common fine motor activities such as handwriting; or activities of daily living such as dressing and using cutlery.

Our assessments aim to develop a targeted management plan, whether this be strategies to assist activity modification, hand strength or motor planning in order to work towards assisting your child to achieve functional age-appropriate fine motor skills.


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