Post-Surgical Care

post surgical care therapy

Hand therapists are skilled at providing immediate post-operative care. We work closely with surgeons all over Adelaide and routinely have initial consultations with patients shortly after a surgical procedure. Bone repairs, tendon repairs, ligament reconstructions and joint replacements are commonly seen by our therapists.

Arriving at an appointment with a bulky dressing in place can be a daunting experience. We aim to provide a calming experience and will explain everything that we intend to assess or manage during your consultation.

In conjunction with your surgeon’s preferences, we will routinely remove bulky dressings and inspect any recent wounds. We might clean a post-operative wound and then provide fresh wound dressing care.

If necessary, we will also remove stitches / sutures and are trained to do this. Depending on your type of surgery, we may need to make a customised splint / support, to protect your recent surgical procedure. It is common to start very gentle exercises, which we will carefully prescribe and guide you through.

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