de-sensitisation therapy

Sensory changes to the skin are influenced by injury or irritation to surrounding nerves. Hypersensitivity can affect touch, temperature or vibration and can commonly occur following injury or post-surgery. It can persist if not treated and lead to increasing pain and reduced function. Whilst we normally see hand-related hyper-sensitivivity problems, we sometimes also see people with other body parts affected. We have treated hypersensitive feet, facial scars or scalps in the past.

When a nerve repairs, it begins to form nerve “sprouts”. These sprouts are juvenile and need extra stimulation to become less sensitive. De-sensitisation involves strategies to assist stimulating your affected hand or body area to various textures and environments in a gradual way. De-sensitisation strategies are a core practice we use following trauma, such as surgery or a burn, and can help to promote a return to expected sensation around the region of your injury. We will assess your symptoms and guide you through a tailored de-sensitisation program.


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