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South Australian GP’s value our ability to analyse upper limb and hand problems, providing diagnosis and treatment. We communicate our findings in a timely manner to facilitate best patient outcomes. Although we are specialists based in the wider Adelaide metropolitan area, we regularly consult with patients from across the state who travel to our sites or select telehealth options.

Our Professional Scope of Practice

We see a wide variety of acute and chronic upper limb injuries and disorders. 

Some of the more common chronic conditions are:

Common acute injuries may include:


Did you know we specialise in desensitisation management on any part of the body, from scalp to foot? We are also experienced in scar management (hypertrophic/ keloidal) and custom garment prescription on any part of the body in cases of lymphoedema/ oedematous and dystonic presentations. We have even provided newborns with ear moulds for cartilaginous disorders. Part of our skill set is problem solving a variety of unique, rare or challenging clinical issues at the request of medical professionals.

In addition to the above conditions, we are able to treat and assess patients with neurological disorders, paediatric injuries, sporting sprains and strains and shoulder pain.

We accept these referrals:

Patients with occupational therapy and physiotherapy private health cover usually receive a partial rebate on their consultation fees and customised splinting.


We invest time with these patients to truly understand their personal, occupational and physical difficulties, we can assist (if needed) with the following matters:


We can assess and provide recommendations for management in the first instance. This sometimes includes getting back to you for suggested scans to aid a diagnosis / clinical work-up.

We can review X-ray’s and interpret clinical findings, helping to make decisions about conservative management versus surgical input. If we have any doubt about an injury not being able to be treated conservatively, we liaise with a surgical / specialist orthopaedic or plastic surgeon. We will then get back to you with relevant information and referral recommendations should you wish to have that.

Common services offered with acute injuries:

Professional Development
and Education

We can offer in-house training or education to your site and colleagues if interested. This can be informal, through to a more structured professional development session.