What to Expect From Your First Consultation


At the initial appointment, our therapists discuss the problem with the hand and/or upper limb, and how it is affecting you. We use this information to guide the session, and the thorough assessment of the whole upper limb problem. Assessment may include review of any scans or referral information, plus relevant medical history. We will ask about symptoms and functional difficulties, finding what are the priorities in care. This is followed by careful physical examination including a range of very specific tests and investigations.

To achieve your goals, we will develop a completely tailored treatment plan.

Treatment Plans Vary Based
on Presentations and May Include

Following the Initial Appointment
You Can Expect

A better understanding of what is causing the hand or upper limb problem

A clear plan (either verbal or written) on how to start addressing the issues. We will also provide details of what we might do at any subsequent consultations if they are deemed necessary

Guidelines for recovery and timeframes for return to sport / work / activity
Direct correspondence with any other treating team members
first consultation therapist

The Very Best Care Based on the Latest Science and Evidence

Good hand therapy takes time. We have generous appointment lengths for our initial consultations, and for any further sessions, to provide the most detailed care.

For Assessment and Expert Opinion
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