Return to Work Providers

We Extensively Evaluate Return to Work SA Injured Workers As Well As Other Workers’ Compensation Claims

We dedicate time analysing their pre-injury working status or current injury status along with both their physical and psychosocial situation. We believe this approach leads to faster return to work times.

Our Approach

We tailor every treatment approach based on key goals established in conjunction with the injured worker and their treatment team. Our thorough approach includes:

Scope of Treatment

Some workers will need a closely guided program of rehabilitation involving weekly intervention where others might need less frequent review. This could involve:


We accept referrals from GP’s, specialists, rehabilitation consultants and case managers. Any claimant history that can be provided prior to an initial assessment will be used to help establish a treatment plan.

Urgent cases will be prioritised across our team. We have a team of varied backgrounds and interests which allows us to find a therapist of ideal fit for every worker. This is an important feature of our return to work success. This process commences with our friendly administrative team at the first inquiry.