Meet the Team

Michael Janetzki


Bachelor Applied Science (Occupational Therapy), Honours, 2004
– University South Australia

Certified Hand Therapist, 2016


Michael recently became a director and partner at SA Hand Therapy, and is committed to maintaining and developing the high standard of care we are proud to have achieved.

Michael is an Occupational Therapist (OT), and graduated with honors from the University of South Australia in 2004. Subsequently he has focused his professional endeavors toward tailoring his OT background to specialise in hand and upper limb rehabilitation.

Of course this passion includes the basic hand therapy skills of splinting, postoperative rehabilitation, and protocol knowledge pertaining to the wide and exciting world of hand injuries.

Michael’s determination however, has been to situate this understanding within core OT frameworks of holistic and client centered practice, and to further link this approach to current and emerging concepts of modern pain science, the complexity of tissue injury and recovery, and its representation as a pain construct based in the central and peripheral nervous system.

Using this approach Michael undertakes to ensure his clients are fully informed on all aspects of their injury and pain experience, and also joint partners in developing a successful treatment and rehabilitation plan. Michael has completed numerous advanced courses in hand and upper limb injuries and chronic pain management.

Michael Janetzki