Resistive Bands – set of 4


$26.00 inc. GST


Introducing the ActiPro Exercise Band Loops – your versatile, go-to fitness companion for a well-rounded workout that targets your upper limbs, wrists, and forearms. They are perfect length (30cm) to go around both arms and be used to strengthen shoulders. They can also be used around ankles for lower limb strengthening. We prefer to sell as a set, rather than individually so you can grade to higher levels as needed.

Benefits for Wrist and Forearm:

  1. Enhanced Grip Strength: Strengthen your grip and wrist muscles with targeted exercises using these bands. A strong grip is essential for everyday tasks and various sports.
  2. Improved Flexibility: The bands’ flexibility makes them ideal for wrist mobility exercises. Enhance your range of motion and reduce the risk of injuries.
  3. Rehabilitation Support: If you’re recovering from a wrist or forearm injury, these bands offer controlled resistance to aid in your rehabilitation process. Consult with your healthcare professional for guidance.

Additional Benefits:

  1. Compact and Portable: ActiPro Exercise Band Loops are compact and easily portable, allowing you to maintain your fitness routine wherever you go. They’re perfect for home workouts, the gym, or even while traveling.
  2. Durable and High-Quality: Crafted from premium latex material, these bands are designed to withstand frequent use without losing their elasticity. They’re built to last and provide consistent resistance over time.
  3. Versatile: From yoga to strength training, physical therapy, and beyond, these bands are versatile enough to support a wide range of exercises and fitness goals.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your upper limb strength, improve wrist and forearm flexibility, or simply add a new dimension to your workout routine, ActiPro Exercise Band Loops are your answer. Invest in your fitness journey today and experience the incredible benefits these bands bring to your upper body workouts. Achieve your fitness goals with ActiPro.


Endorsed by SA Hand Therapy

Why do we recommend this product?

  • We have used different types of bands over the years, but have evolved to these as they are versatile for a range of situations
  • The length of the loop is similar to an average body width and for most people the band can be tensioned with a comfortable 2 handed holding start position with the elbows bent
  • They last well