Gyro Ball – Forearm Strengthening Trainer

$19.00 inc. GST

A gyro ball / roller ball makes for a whole forearm and wrist workout to build-up arm strength


A Gyro ball or roller ball is an innovative product designed to assist with grip strength and endurance of the forearm muscles. The product has an internal magnetised mechanism that rotates when at speed. To start the device, a small string / shoe lace is used to wind it up. The string is pulled quickly to activate the gyro ball. With a bit of practice the Gyro ball becomes easy to start. Test your endurance by using this to fatigue.

The Gyro ball is great for end stage rehabilitation or strengthening after a wrist injury. It works on the concept of proprioception which is the brains ability to position a joint in space. With the Gyro ball moving, you need to constantly adjust the position of your wrist to keep it moving. It can be mastered so that minimal wrist movement keeps the ball going. By comparison to automatic start and electronic options for similar products, this roller ball will last and requires no battery operation.


Endorsed by SA Hand Therapy

Why do we recommend this product?

  • For end stage wrist rehab
  • It’s a fun way to get strong quickly
  • It uses principles of proprioception which are very important following a wrist injury or surgery. There is strong scientific evidence for proprioceptive re-training after wrist injuries.
  • It’s simple to grade and make more difficult by starting with it by your side and then progressing to arm out straight or above shoulder height for more of a challenge.



(Note: Please seek personalised health advice/ follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations for product use, as indicated. If you would like a personalised hand therapy assessment, book here with telehealth available if required.)


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