Long Loop Easi-Grip Scissors

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Revolutionise your cutting experience with Long Loop Easi-Grip® Scissors, offering an ultra-lightweight design, automatic reopening, and a unique long loop handle for enhanced grip… perfect for individuals with weak hands, painful joints, or motor control challenges, ensuring effortless and precise cutting every time.


Experience enhanced cutting precision and comfort with these Long Loop Easi-Grip® Scissors. Designed for individuals with weak hands, painful joints, or motor control challenges, these scissors boast a range of features:

Unique long loop handle: Provides a positive grip, preventing twisting in the hand and aiding stabilisation.

  • Ultra-dightweight design: Ensures minimal fatigue during use, ideal for extended cutting sessions.
  • Self-opening mechanism: Scissors automatically reopen when pressure is released, streamlining the cutting process.
  • Finger isolation support: Additional long loop handle allows for finger isolation, promoting strength using the middle, ring, and little fingers, while the index finger guides the scissors.
  • High-quality polymer construction: Durable material that does not snap, retaining spring action for longevity.
  • Colour-coded handles: Easily identify the correct pair for use—blue handles for the Right Hand, green handles for the Left Hand.
  • High-quality stainless steel blade: Ensures longevity and effortless cutting through paper.
  • Blade guard: Safely covers the blades for secure storage when not in use.

Upgrade your cutting experience with these innovative scissors, offering a two-year guarantee for added peace of mind.


Endorsed by SA Hand Therapy

Why do we recommend this product?

  • The scissors make cutting safe and more efficient for anyone with hand function challenges
  • We like to recommend them for arthritis hands as they reduce load on joints
  • Exceptional quality product

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75mm, 45mm

Hand side

Right, Left