Ergonomic Stirex Kitchen Knife

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Slice with Ease: Discover the right-angled Stirex Knife! Ergonomic handle, strong professional stainless steel blade for effortless culinary perfection!


🔪 Introducing the Stirex Ergonomic Knife: Your Ultimate Kitchen Companion 🔪


Crafted with precision and comfort in mind, these ergonomic knives are designed for effortlessly slicing through meat or vegetables. Featuring an ergonomic handle, this knife ensures minimal wrist deviation when slicing. The knife is well balanced and we offer 2 size variations in an 8 inch ‘Cooks’ style knife and a 6 inch option.

The grip is strategically angled to promote a natural, relaxed working position for your arm, wrist, and hand. By transferring cutting power to the center of the blade with minimal effort, it minimises strain, pain, and occupational injuries associated with repetitive movement that is required with conventional knives. The ergonomic design can take some practice to master and use efficiently but most users say this happens very quickly and naturally.

Experience the difference with the Stirex Ergonomic Knife – where efficiency meets comfort in every slice!


8 inch:

Grip handle: 20×30 mm
Total height of grip handle: 124 mm
Blade: 200×1 mm

6 inch:

Grip handle: 20×30 mm
Total height of grip handle: 124 mm
Blade: 152×1 mm


Endorsed by SA Hand Therapy

Why do we recommend this product?

  • The Stirex knife is ergonomically designed to reduce load on the wrist and hand
  • The strong stainless steel  Pro-level blade
  • The handle has been tested by our clients and staff and we think it follows the natural contours of the hand and arch of the hand.

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