Strapit Kinesiology Tape

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Discover the Difference with Strapit Kinesiology Tape – 5 metre roll x 5cm wide.

Welcome to the world of Strapit Kinesiology Tape, where performance meets support, and recovery takes centre stage. Whether you’re an elite athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or simply someone seeking relief from aches and pains, Strapit has your back – quite literally.

Kinesiology tape works by stretching skin, fascia and the superficial nervous system. It can assist by providing light support and help with pain reduction, blood flow, swelling reduction / lymphatic drainage, reduce bruising and help to make your brain aware of where your body part is (proprioception.)

  • 90-95% Cotton
  • 5-10% Nylon
  • 80-100% stretch properties
  • Suitable for swimming
  • Latex and Zinc Oxide free
  • Long lasting

Key Features:

1. Pro-Grade Support: Elevate your game with this premium kinesiology tape. Designed to mimic the natural elasticity of the skin, Strapit Tape provides unbeatable support to muscles and joints, helping you perform at your best and reduce the risk of injury.

2. Pain Relief, Naturally: Bid farewell to discomfort and muscle soreness. Strapit Kinesiology Tape gently lifts the skin, promoting better circulation and faster recovery. Reclaim your active lifestyle without those nagging aches holding you back.

3. Versatility at Its Best: From knees and shoulders to elbows, wrists, and beyond, Strapit Kinesiology Tape is suitable for a wide range of applications. It’s your all-in-one solution for targeted support wherever you need it most.

4. Breathable and Comfortable: Crafted from high-quality, skin-friendly materials, our tape is designed to provide maximum comfort. It’s breathable, sweat-resistant, and stays put through the most demanding workouts.


Endorsed by SA Hand Therapy

Why do we recommend this product?

  • We have trialed a range of brands and different types of Kinesiology tape. This one sticks and seems to react less.
  • It’s easy to tear / peel off.
  • When it needs to be cut lengthways for narrower applications (like fingers) it doesn’t fray like some other brands.
  • Cool simple colour options!


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Beige, Black, Blue, Pink