Sideline Physio Premium Rigid Tape 2.5cm x 13.7m

$7.00 inc. GST

Premium quality tape that supports and stays secure! Choose this width for thumbs.


Sideline Physio Premium Rigid Tape:

🌟 Premium Quality: Experience top-tier support with this extra-strong rigid strapping tape. It’s designed to keep your joints secure, reducing the risk of injury during physical activity.

💪 Maximum Support: The tape’s robust zinc oxide adhesive ensures it stays firmly in place even during intense workouts. Say goodbye to worries about it coming loose during vigorous activities.

🏆 For All Athletes: From beginners to pros, Sideline Premium Rigid Sports Strapping Tape is the go-to choice for athletes of all levels. Protect yourself and stay in the game.


Endorsed by SA Hand Therapy

Why do we recommend this product?

  • This brand of tape sticks the best from many we have tried.
  • This version is perfect for hands and small joints. This width is ideal for thumb strapping.



(Note: Please seek personalised health advice/ follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations for product use, as indicated. If you would like a personalised hand therapy assessment, book here with telehealth available if required.)