IMAK Elbow Night Brace

$75.00 inc. GST

The Elbow PM support is ideal for Cubital Tunnel Syndrome or for symptoms of tingling and numbness in the little and ring fingers at night.


The Elbow PM support is our preferred off-shelf option to prevent an elbow from excessive flexion (bending.) The brace is comfortable and made with 2 Velcro straps for easy attachment and removal. The plastic insert keep the elbow in a straight position. This. brace was designed by an orthopaedic surgeon and we routinely prescribe this item in our clinic. One size fits right or left arms. The Imak PM brace is ideal for cubital tunnel syndrome where there is tingling and / or numbness in the little and ring fingers.

Key Features of the this product:

  • One Size fits most
  • Soft lining which is comfortable on the skin
  • Secure hook and loop strap to adjust tension and prevent brace from sliding
  • Machine washable on a cold cycle

Endorsed by SA Hand Therapy

Why do we recommend this product?

  • It keeps the elbow in a good position for cubital tunnel syndrome
  • Easy to take on and off quickly in the middle of the night if required
  • The brace can be rotated on the forearm to position the rigid plastic bar in the preferred comfortable spot ie on the inside of the arm or outside.



(Note: Manufacturers’ instructions for use should be followed. Please seek personalised health advice/ follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations for product use, as indicated. If you would like a personalised hand therapy assessment, book here with telehealth available if required.)