WCPT Congress in Geneva

Posted: August 2019

Tshering Norbu, Chief Physiotherapist in Bhutan, was sponsored by SA Hand Therapy and SAHI, Inc-Bhutan fund (our patients) to attend the World Confederation of Physiotherapist’s (WCPT’s) 19th International Congress in Geneva, Switzerland in May 2019.

The congress is held every 4 years with over 4000 delegates. Its the opportunity to develop international professional networks, research support and the latest physiotherapy techniques. Physiotherapy profession in Bhutan is fairly new compared to other medical disciplines.

Given the limited resources and learning opportunities in Bhutan, the WCPT’s was a great opportunity for professional development and support of Tshering, as he develops physiotherapy in Bhutan and looks towards other countries where the profession is well established.

One of Tshering’s goal in attending the WCPT’s Congress was the admission of Bhutan Physiotherapy as a member of the international organisation. This allows further profession al development opportunities and support. Tshering would like to extend his enormous gratitude to those who donated and made it possible for him to attend.

"Our team of therapists are all passionate professionals with an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and injuries."