COVID-19 Update: November 2020

Posted: November 2020

With the new heightened restrictions imposed, we have upgraded our protocols to continue to follow all SA Health and Government advice, as well as that of the Australian Hand Therapy Association.

The safety and health of staff and patients is our highest priority.

To care for everyone we have:

  • Hand sanitiser for everyone before coming inside the building
  • Screens are in place at Reception and treatment areas
  • Spaced out our waiting room seats (social distance rules)
  • Made only patients (not partners/ children etc) allowed to use the waiting room – interpreters and carers are still allowed
  • Reception pens and materials disinfected between uses
  • Windows open for ventilation where available
  • Disinfected all shared surfaces regularly (e.g. door handles, seats etc).

If you would feel happier staying in your car rather than the waiting room, please call our reception and they will call you back when it is time for your appointment.

In your therapy session:

  • You will be asked to sanitise your hands and supervised in this
  • May be asked to use a mask and gloves – these are available for everyone’s use – please ask reception if you would like these.

SA Hand Therapy staff are all:

  • Expertly trained and certified in hand hygiene
  • Taking their temperatures every morning before attending work, to ensure good health for all
  • Disinfecting all surfaces, desks, chairs, equipment etc. between every appointment
  • Following social distancing rules at all times where possible.

Telehealth Services

Telehealth consultations are available if you would prefer not to attend the clinic in person. Our work does require “hands on” treatment in many instances, however we have been looking closely at how tele-health can work many cases. It is absolutely possible!

If you are in a high-risk category and would like to use tele-health consultation as an option instead of coming into the clinic, please give our reception a call on (08) 8277 9667 for further advice and associated fees.

We continue to maintain the highest standards of safety and care. With regular and thoughtful adjustments to how we do things, we are still able to provide you expert hand therapy services indefinitely.

"We’re specialists in treating injuries of the hand, elbow and shoulder — it’s all we do."