Asian Pacific Federation of Society for Surgery of the Hand 2020

Posted: March 2020

Corlia van Rooyen and Suzanne Caragianis were very fortunate to attend the 12th Asian Pacific Federation of Society for Surgery of the Hand and the 8th Hand Therapy Meeting in Melbourne on 11th to 14th March 2020.

Sadly most of our overseas colleagues were unable to attend.

Despite this the congress organisers, the eminent Hand surgeon Dr Tony Berger, and his organising committee including hand therapists, Rosie Koh and Hamish Anderson, did an incredible job with wonderful learning opportunities with a lot of the international speakers presenting via video link!

Some of the keynote speakers included the very eminent Judy Colditz, teaching hand biomechanics and splinting for the stiff hand.

Also Alison Taylor, an amazing Hand therapist and kinesiologist known for her teaching on kinesiotaping expert, presented on a new approach to taping for pain, movement and function.

Suzanne also presented her invited speaker paper on goals, achievements and lessons to be learnt from establishing a teaching program in Bhutan.

Some of the other highlights included talks on wrist instability and rehabilitation by the world expert Dr Marc Garcia-Elias and Aviva Wolff.

Hand therapist, Professor Wayne Morrison, received the life time achievement award for his contribution to microsurgery and particular interest with toe thumb transplants to improve hand function following mutilating hand injuries.

We were involved with a patient some year ago, who Professor Morrison provided a second toe for his missing thumb, allowing him to go on and win huge motor racing events.

The incoming president, Professor Raja Sabapathy from India, closed the congress and welcomed us all to Singapore in two years time.

"We’ve helped set up hand care clinics in Bhutan, provided specialist equipment and trained local staff."