Professional Development

2017 Events

First Aid Certificate Training

The team renewed their First Aid Certificates in July. Ella Tyler from MADEC Australia was an expert instructor. A bit of fun was had along the way! We all feel proficient to handle any medical emergency now.

South Australian Sports Medicine Association Conference

28th May 2017

On a rainy Sunday 28th May, Suzanne attended the South Australian Sports Medicine Association Conference, “Pain and the Brain”, at Adelaide Oval. The conference discussed current concepts and strategies for pain management of the active population. It was a great multi-disciplinary conference. Our keynote speaker, Professor Mark Hutchinson gave us an enlightening talk on immune cells in the brain and the wonderful Glia. While Professor Catherine Hill, Rheumatologist discussed recent research in osteoarthritis and the energetic Dr Ebonie Rio discussed Tendon Neuroplastic Training!

Rock Tape Course

18th March 2017

Alex, Darcy and Libby attended a level 1 Rock Tape course on the 18th March. The course built on existing knowledge and provided insight into exciting new applications for the tape.

During the hands on course we were able to trial variations of postural control taping to assist with proper position of the shoulder and arm relative to the back. Pregnancy taping applications were covered, these are particularly relevant for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis.

The course unpacked the concepts of "Power Taping", which is utilising the benefits of kinesiology taping to tape the muscles associated with a particular activity. For example upper back and shoulder taping for overhead athletes.

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