Professional Development

2016 Events

South Australian Hand Surgery Conference

23rd November 2016

The Annual South Australian Hand Surgery Conference was held in Adelaide on 23rd November.

Our keynote speaker was Dr Wolfgang Heiss-Dunlop FRACS from New Zealand who spoke about the following:

  • The Middlemore hand and upper limb research unit
  • The natural history of TFCC tears
  • Cadaveric Biomechanics study of unicortical locked vs bicortical non-locked fixation of metacarpal fractures
  • Long bone fixation in the hand.

Suzanne, Jordan and Jane were enthusiastic attendees. Suzanne spoke on Collegiality, Hand gestures and the Art of Hand Shaking.

It had an immediate impact on the audience who practiced her advice in their talks and when greeting colleagues

International Federation of Societies for Hand Surgery & Therapy Conference

24th to 28th October 2016

Suzanne attended the International Federation of Societies for Hand Surgery and Therapy Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina in October.

It was an inspirational meeting with courses on Thumb arthritis latest evidence based splints and exercises, joint replacement and surgery, brachial plexus rehabilitation and last but not least the scientific convenor Dr Birgitta Rosen speaking on sensation in hand and recovery post surgery.

Tendons: Moving to Mastery

26th to 28th August 2016

Jordan, Suzanne and Michael attended the National Scientific Hand Therapy Meeting in Sydney on August 26 – 28th.

Fiona Peck, an eminent Hand Therapist from Manchester in the UK lectured on her current research into the rehabilitation of tendon injuries in the hand to achieve better results and speedier recovery.

There were also some excellent workshops on musician’s injuries with Bronwen Ackerman and Dr John White and Rotator Cuff muscles of shoulder by Dr Karen Ginn.

The conference dinner this year was held at Madame Tussauds, the theme was “ A Night with the Stars” and everyone was encouraged to come dressed as a star!

It was a fantastic evening and as always gives therapists from all over the country the chance to get together and to network in a social setting.

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