Information for Health Professionals

Referral information/How to refer and Referral Form

Please use our Referral Form and/or write us a brief letter regarding your patient and their presenting condition. For Workcover or Motor Vehicle accident claims we do require a referral from the treating doctor and an accepted claim, unless an acute injury.

Download a PDF of the Referral Form.

Wait list/Urgent cases

SA Hand Therapy is a specialist centre and we do often have a wait list for new patients which may be 1-2 weeks for associates and up to 4 weeks for Suzanne. Our best efforts will be made to see all patients as soon as possible. Please advise your patients to contact 2 of our locations as they may get in a bit earlier at one of our other clinics.

All Urgent cases e.g. fractures, flexor tendon repairs, mallet finger, and initial post-operative assessments/splints we will endeavour to see within 24 hours of referral. Please contact our rooms by telephone and inform us of the diagnosis and urgency.

Do you treat patients on an EPC program?

Yes we do treat patients with an EPC program. Please fax the EPC referral form with the required number of visits to our clinic. Please advise the patient that up-front payment is required and then they can claim back from Medicare. Any splints or exercise equipment will need to be self-funded.

Do you treat patients with a Workcover claim or Motor Vehicle accident claim?

Yes we do treat patients with an accepted claim for a Workcover injury or a motor vehicle accident claim. Patients need to bring a referral letter from their doctor and a claim number to their initial appointment.

Who refers to us?

We receive referrals from many sources; General Practitioners, specialists such as Orthopaedic surgeons, Rheumatologists, Neurologists, Occupational Physicians, case managers acting for WorkCover or Allianz claims and lawyers requesting independent medico-legal assessments for their clients.

"We’re specialists in treating injuries of the hand, elbow and shoulder — it’s all we do."