Connecting Pathways – Firing up our nerve potential

The Annual Scientific Australian Hand Therapy meeting “Connecting Pathways – Firing up our nerve potential” was held in Adelaide in September 2017. It was a brilliant meeting with our own Jordan Lefmann on the organising committee.

Suzanne attended a short pre-conference course with Amy Gaech “Simple ways to track your practice progress” from Maida Learning on 20th September.

Jane completed an excellent course by Kathryn Phillips on “Connecting the neck, shoulder, elbow and hand”. She came back with great new tips on postural correction and exercises.

In the meantime, Darcy attended Dr Pohl’s course on “Anatomy and neurology of forearm”. Dr Pohl is probably the best anatomy lecturer that exists, he teaches with such passion and tips to remember.

Christine Novak, our International speaker is regarded as a world expert on nerve transfers, compressions, including thoracic outlet syndrome and double crush.