Choosing a Tennis Elbow Brace

Man wearing tennis elbow strap

Tennis Elbow supports:  Do straps work? Tennis elbow is also known as lateral epicondylitis or lateral elbow tendinosis. Overuse or repetitive strain on the forearm muscles and tendons can cause this condition.  Whether you’re an athlete, work in a labouring job role or someone who does a lot of repetitive arm movements, the discomfort of […]

Does Private Health Insurance Cover Hand Therapy?

Hand therapist receptionist performing a health insurance rebate for a happy customer

In Australia, as you may know, health insurance hasdifferent tiers – Basic Hospital cover as the bare minimum, Bronze, Silver, and Gold cover. The higher the tier, the more surgeries, chronic illnesses,preventative procedures, mental health treatment, and fertility procedures (such as IVF) are covered. Of course, this costs more per month or year as a […]

Tennis Elbow – Facts and Treatment Options

Male tennis player about to make a shot from the back line, putting stress on his bent elbow.

Tennis Elbow Symptoms: Tennis elbow is also known as lateral elbow tendinopathy, tendinosis or lateral epicondylitis (in the acute phases). Tennis elbow is characterised by elbow pain on the outside of the bony part of the elbow and often results in grip weakness. This can be due to injury or tendon weakening where the common […]

Is it really Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or could it be a hidden Pronator Syndrome?

Tingling, numbness, burning or sharp/electric pain to the forearm or hand are relatively common symptoms. This may indicate a nerve compression problem. A nerve that is not functioning well or conducting messages properly might be swollen, stretched or void of blood supply. If you have ever had any tingling or numbness in the hand you […]

How we select an appropriate thumb arthritis splint

There are many factors that go into choosing an appropriate thumb splint. Key considerations such as the significance of the thumb pain, degree of arthritic change and when the splint is to be worn will aid a therapist and their decision making process. Splints for the thumb can be categorised into ‘functional’ splints or ‘resting’ […]

Hand therapy space – Does design make a difference in patient outcomes?

SA Hand Therapy embarked on a project 2 years ago. To create a custom-designed clinic from the ground up on Wakefield Street, Adelaide. Over the past 30 years of being in the business of treating upper limb injuries, the business has had numerous locations and offices including in Adelaide CBD and North Adelaide. Some have […]

How to choose the best carpal tunnel brace?

Recently, we had the pleasure of having Sylwia, a final-year Master of OT student from Flinders University, Adelaide. She spent 8 weeks with us observing and learning all about the art and science of hand therapy and integrating her theoretical knowledge into practical healthcare skills. She embarked on a small project to look at what […]

Mindfulness… helping chronic upper limb pain

Recently, SA Hand Therapy has had the pleasure of having Daniel, a final-year Master of Occupational Therapy student from Flinders University, Adelaide. He has spent the past eight weeks completing his second clinical placement with us at our Adelaide, Daw Park, and Mawson Lakes clinics, seeing a range of clients with our experienced staff. Daniel […]

Recent Training Activities

Brad Luxton has combined his interest in teaching with his passion for hand therapy, taking on the role of lead clinical educator for our practice. Brad facilitates structured training sessions on a weekly basis with the team covering a wide range of hand therapy-related topics and skills. He also has responsibility for the clinical education […]

We have moved our CBD Clinic

wakefield st SA Hand Therapy

From Monday 10th May 2021 you will find us in our brand-new custom clinic at 227 Wakefield Street. There is free 1 hour street parking on Frome Rd and Cardwell Street or 2 hour ticketed street parking right outside our door on Wakefield Street. There is also all-day parking available behind Bocelli’s café, off Hutt […]

“Closed Trauma” Course in Queensland

therapy demonstration

Leah and Brad recently attended a “closed trauma” course with the Australian Hand Therapy Association in Queensland. The course built on existing knowledge of human anatomy, biomechanics, and function as well as tissue injury and repair. They had the opportunity to identify appropriate evidence-based therapeutic strategies, splinting, protocols and guidelines depending on the patient’s stage […]

Celebrating Success!

celebrate suzanne stella

SA Hand Therapy hosted a recent gathering with staff to celebrate the success of Suzanne Caragianis, founding owner-Director. After 29 years, Suzanne has handed over the business ‘reigns’ to Michael Janetzki and Jordan Lefmann, now joint owner-Directors. Suzanne will continue to work for SA Hand Therapy and offer her expert clinical services to clients, and […]

Hand Therapy Program in Hobart

hand therapy hobart demonstration

Brad and Leah recently attended the 2 day hand therapy program in Hobart. They both really enjoyed revising upper limb anatomy, tissue injury, repair and applied biomechanics to enhance patient recovery. The clinical reasoning and information on current evidence based practice ensures a high quality of care. The course also provided excellent information and training […]

Triennial Congress of the International Federation of Societies

finger prosthetics

Suzanne and Jordan recently attended the Triennial Congress of the International Federation of Societies for surgery of the hand and hand therapy in Berlin, Germany. There were over 4000 attendees from all around the world who came together to discuss the latest research, new surgical techniques and the latest in hand therapy and rehabilitation. We […]