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About Bhutan

Bhutan is a small developing nation in the Himalayan mountain range bordering China and India.

As in many other developing countries, the medical treatment and rehabilitation of hand injuries and disorders In Bhutan are often overlooked because of a lack of expertise and resources and there is a very limited budget for hospitals and medical servies. Typical injuries include fractures, amputations, tendon damage, deformities and, particularly, burns as the rural Bhutanese generally cook their food over wood fires. Their livelihood depends on the use of their hands.

We give our time and skills as upper-limb therapists to prepare and deliver an education and training program for local medical staff and to treat patients at hospitals in Thimphu, the capital, Punakha in central Bhutan and Mongar in the Far East.

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Where the money goes

$25 will provide a hand or wrist splint for patient.

$50 will provide a compression glove and splint for patient.

$100 allows purchase of exercise equipment for the clinic.

$500 buys specialised assessment equipment or shipping of equipment to Bhutan.

$1000 gives us the chance to send Bhutanese patients with complex nerve injuries to Dr. Raja Sabapathy, Ganga Hospital India or send a Bhutanese doctor for training.

Our Achievements

We have established two hand therapy clinics in Bhutan from fundraising efforts and generous donations over the last six years. Prior to our work, there were no hand therapy clinics or dedicated hand therapy clinicians.

For further details on all our achievements and future goals, please see our Bhutan Work page.

"We’ve helped set up hand care clinics in Bhutan, provided specialist equipment and trained local staff."