Tanja Klotz


  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy, 2000 – University of South Australia


After completing a science degree at the University of Adelaide Tanja went on to complete a Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy at the University of South Australia in 2000. Tanja went on to work in Spinal Injuries, initially in rehabilitation and then acute care. Along the way she also became quite proficient at complex equipment provision and worked in the community arranging seating and equipment.  

In 2003 she went to work in the Burns Unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Whilst in Burns she was able to work alongside, and be taught by, some of the most experienced hand therapists in South Australia and found herself being equally mesmerised by the challenging and interesting world of hand therapy.

Tanja is a current member of the American Burns Association (ABA), the Australian & New Zealand Burns Association (ANZBA) and an Associate member of the Australian Hand Therapy Association (AHTA). She has served as Allied Health Chair of ANZBA and received funding to attend an ABA Rehabilitation Consensus Summit where she also used the trip to visit burn centres around USA. She has presented at many burns and hand therapy conferences across Australia and New Zealand. Tanja has also attended many of the hand therapy courses, Pain conferences, hand surgeons meetings, burns conferences and hand therapy conferences over the past 15 years. In October 2018 she volunteered with Interplast and attended the trip to Bhutan to provide hand therapy, further enriching her hand therapy skills.

Tanja, in her role as Occupational Therapist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital has assisted in developing state wide hand therapy guidelines. She has also contributed to the ANZBA Burns therapy guidelines book and published 7 journal articles to date. With the recent completion of her thesis as part of the Master's of Clinical Science at the University of Adelaide, she is hoping to publish 3 more journal articles.

Tanja’s specialisation in Burns management scar care and hand therapy is an asset to SA Hand Therapy. She will be working part time from our North Adelaide, Daw Park and Blackwood rooms.

"SA Hand Therapy are proud to bring the world’s best practice techniques and technologies to our patients."