Claire Gehringer


  • Bachelor Applied Science (Occupational Therapy), 2013 – University South Australia


Claire has been working in the specialised area of hand and upper limb therapy since 2013. She has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy), is an associate member of the Australian Hand Therapy Association, and member of the Australian Occupational Therapy Australia.

She has focused her professional development in the areas of advanced tendon management, AHTA static and mobilisation orthotic fabrication, custom orthotic fabrication, acute sports injury of the upper limb, graded motor imagery, chronic pain and the sensitive neuroimmune system.

Claire is attentive to detail and in collaboration with her clients strives to optimise their functional ability. She has an avid interest in tennis and common hand conditions associated with diabetes management.

Claire consults at the Mawson Lakes and Daw Park clinics.

"Our team of therapists are all passionate professionals with an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and injuries."