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Latest News & Events in 2018

September 2018

Our continuing education program was undertaken on 5th September with our enthusiastic team. Esther gave an excellent lecture on wrist evaluation, Alana presented on the STI sensory evaluation tool developed by Birgitta Rosen in Sweden, Suzanne spoke on ergonomic tools and postures to assist dental hygienists and dentists and Jo Scholz, Occupational Therapist, presented on workstation assessment and ADL assessment to assist our patients with functional independence and safe return to work.

August 2018

Congratulations Esther who has her 4 year anniversary working with SA Hand Therapy on 1st September. Esther is a brilliant hand therapist with excellent skills in assessment and diagnosis. She is also very skilful at making custom made splints. Esther recently attended an advance course in wrist rehabilitation run through the Australian Hand Therapy Association.

August 2018

All the team attended a fabulous workshop evening on 29th August listening to Dr Paul van Minnen lecture on Flexor tendon repairs and Interesting complex cases. It's clear that the best results require an excellent surgery, good hand therapy and a diligent patient who follows through with their home exercise program.

June 2018

Suzanne attended the European hand surgery meeting (FESSH) in Copenhagen, Denmark in June and then went on to visit her Colleague Professor Birgitta Rosen at Lund University in Sweden. The conference gave new invites into wrist fractures and reconstruction, sports and nerve injuries and rehabilitation. Suzanne was fortunate to meet up with Dr Raja Sabapathy one of the greatest hand and micro surgeons in the world, her old boss from Switzerland Dr Sennwald and Dr Birgitta Rosen the world expert on sensory and nerve rehabilitation.

June 2018

It’s hand therapy awareness week from the 4th to the 10th of June. Spread the word to family and friends. As hand therapists we have highly specialist skills and knowledge in assessing and treating traumatic injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and nerve injuries, fractures, dislocations, arthritis and overuse injuries such as Tennis Elbow. Here’s to a week of healthy hands!

February 2018

We have the great pleasure of welcoming Corlia van Rooyen, Physiotherapist and Registered Hand Therapist (NZ). Corlia has over 15 years work experience specialising in hand therapy and has co-authored a book chapter on imaging of the wrist and hand. Corlia has a keen interest in sporting injuries and arthritis. Corlia will be working part time at North Adelaide and Daw Park. We are thrilled to have Corlia on our team and her wealth of knowledge and experience will benefit many patients.

News & Events in 2017

December 2017

Congratulations go to Michael Janetzki who passed his hand certification exam in November and can now call himself a Certified hand therapist! Michael has over 14 years specialising in hand and upper limb disorders/ injuries and is a very experienced clinician. Well done Mike from all the team at SA Hand Therapy!!

November 2017

Congratulations to Libby Fleming who has just attained her full membership to AHTA, which recognises her expertise as an experienced hand therapist. We are also thrilled to announce our governing board APRA has agreed that hand therapy requires specialist skills and training, so full members of AHTA will become accredited hand therapists in 2018! This is a welcome change to recognise the specialist expertise of hand therapists to achieve better results for our patients!

September 2017

We are very proud that “our founder” at SA Hand Therapy, Suzanne Caragianis was awarded the Founders Lecture award for her contribution to hand therapy in Australia and internationally. She presented a 45 minute talk entitled “On the Shoulders of Giants – My Journey”. She discussed concepts of mentoring, collegiality and volunteerism. The talk was inspiring and well received by all.

September 2017

The Annual Scientific Australian Hand Therapy meetingConnecting Pathways – Firing up our nerve potential” was held in Adelaide in September 2017. It was a brilliant meeting with our own Jordan Lefmann on the organising committee.

Suzanne attended a short pre-conference course with Amy Gaech “Simple ways to track your practice progress” from Maida Learning on 20th September. While Alex and Libby attended Mobilisation of the Neuroimmune System with Tim Cocks, Jane completed an excellent course by Kathryn Phillips on “Connecting the neck, shoulder, elbow and hand”. She came back with great new tips on postural correction and exercises. In the meantime, Darcy attended Dr Pohl’s course on “Anatomy and neurology of forearm”. Dr Pohl is probably the best anatomy lecturer that exists, he teaches with such passion and tips to remember.

Christine Novak, our International speaker is regarded as a world expert on nerve transfers, compressions, including thoracic outlet syndrome and double crush.

September 2017

SA Hand Therapy would like to congratulate Sturt Football Club for their 2017 Premiership wins in the A’s and B’s and even under 18’s. We also want to congratulate all the players, many who we have treated this year and in particular Sean Samblich who we sponsor.

19 July 2017

On Wednesday 19th July we were very privileged to have Professor Tony Pohl share his immense knowledge and teach us the easy way to remember the complex Brachial Plexus and nerves of the upper limb. An inspirational adventure and I’m sure we will all be better at assessing these complex injuries.

July 2017

Congrats to the North Adelaide Rockets who beat South Adelaide Panthers and being top of the table. Hopefully they can repeat the win this Saturday! Go the Rockets from SA Hand Therapy.

June 2017

Congratulations James Battersby for your first game back and a brilliant performance beating Norwood after your flexor tendon injury! Clearly back to 100% well done from the team at SA Hand Therapy.

April 2017

In Sept 2017, Suzanne Caragianis will be awarded the Australian Hand Therapy Association (AHTA) Founders Lecture Award at the AHTA National Conference. Karen Fitt, President of the AHTA, said:

"Over the last 30 years, Suzanne's dedication to the profession has inspired both present and future generations of hand therapists. The level of respect you have achieved both in Australia and internationally should be recognised formally and for this reason, we have nominated you to receive the 2017 AHTA Founders Lecture Award. This award recognises your outstanding contribution to the AHTA and to the practice of hand therapy, the effort and personal sacrifices that you have made over the years to promote and support the profession."

Congratulations to Suzanne from everyone at SA Hand Therapy!

April 2017

SA Hand Therapy are proud sponsors of Sturt football club. Libby Fleming met with Sturt player Sean Samblich at the club. Go the Blues in 2017!

March 2017

Roger Rasheed, John Corbett and Darcy O'Neil met to discuss hand problems in golfers and golf psychology at Kooyonga golf course.

31 March 2017

We are pleased to announce that Michael Janetzki, who has been with SA Hand Therapy for over 10 years has joined as a Director/Owner and Jordan Lefmann who has been with us for 6 years will become a Director/Owner in July 2017. This is an exciting time for SA Hand Therapy and our continuing development as a centre of excellence in our field.

25th March 2017

Suzanne attended Adelaide Crows game opener at Adelaide Oval as guest of Fowler Simmons Radiology and not only saw Crows blast GWS in victory but met the winning Crows girls team! Congrats to Crows girls inaugural premiership!

News & Events in 2016

20th September 2016

Suzanne, Megan Fitzgerald and Professor Peter Brooks from University of Melbourne met with His Excellency the Minister of Health, Royal Govt of Bhutan at The Press Club in Melbourne to discuss Helping Hands in Bhutan and our work with Interplast Aust and New Zealand. It was a wonderful luncheon in on of melbournes premier restaurants.

14th September 2016

Wishing our patient Tracey Pearce (and her husband Adam) big congratulations from the team at SA Hand Therapy! Tracy sustained serious hand injury which was complicated, but had lengthy therapy and care with Jordan and Suzanne. Her recovery allowed her to successfully compete and win gold and bronze medals in the World Karate Championships held in Cape Town, South Africa. Adam also won a silver medal in his individual event. Well done Tracey and Adam!

View a PDF of Tracey's story

25th July 2016

SA Hand Therapy will be moving our North Adelaide Clinic to AMA House, 161 Ward Street, North Adelaide. We are located in Suite 6A, Level 1. The clinic is open from 8.45am – 5pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you have any queries our Head Office is open 8am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday. For those requiring disabled access the entry is from 80 Brougham Place with car parking available. There is 2 hour car parking along Ward Street and Brougham Place. Please phone (08) 8267 6886 to make appointments from August 8th, 2016

21st July 2016

SA Hand Therapy is excited to announce the opening of a new satellite clinic at the Gawler Medical Clinic. Alex Smallman (Occupational Therapist) will be consulting on Tuesdays from 8.30am - 5pm beginning August 15th 2016. Our aim is to provide hand therapy intervention in a more convenient location for patients living in Gawler, the Barossa and Clare Valleys, the Riverland and surrounding areas. To make an appointment, please contact our head office at Daw Park on (08) 8277 9667 and let the reception staff know you wish to be seen at Gawler.

13th June 2016

Suzanne Caragianis was the weekly expert speaker on ABC 891 South Australia Morning program with Ali Clarke. Suzanne gave a snapshot of her hand therapy journey, the SA Hand Therapy practice and the history and work she and some of her colleagues undertake in Bhutan. There was some great feedback from callers including “Suzanne is an Angel the way she goes about her work in SA and in Bhutan”. Find out more about Suzanne's speaking engagements...

7th June 2016

The Rotary Club of Unley were appreciative for Suzanne Caragianis and Dr. Tim Proudman presenting on ‘Helping Hands in Bhutan” project and Interplast and Rotray Aust/NZ in further developing this work and extending the scope and sustainability of this project to plastic Surgery and Burns.

News & Events in 2015

December 2015

Congratulations to Jordan Lefmann on becoming a Certified Hand Therapist.

SA Hand Therapy are celebrating 24 years in practice.

"SA Hand Therapy are proud to bring the world’s best practice techniques and technologies to our patients."