SA Hand Therapy — Suzanne Caragianis & team

At SA Hand Therapy we believe in providing you with tailor-made treatment programs for your specific injury — because everyone’s hand is different. Our aim is to help you have the best possible recovery from your injury and we’ll give you the strategies and guidance to achieve it. Our team members undergo continual training to ensure we can always offer you world’s best practice technology and treatment. Not only that, we’re well aware of the emotional trauma that can be caused by such an injury which is why we go the extra mile in the support of our patients.

What exactly is a hand therapist?

Hand therapists are highly-skilled occupational therapists or physiotherapists who have very specific training in treating injuries of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. Every member of our team at SA Hand Therapy has a very thorough and in-depth knowledge of these injuries and the specific anatomy so we can make a clear assessment of what the problem is and exactly what to do about it.

One size does not fit all!

Our hand therapists make customised splints and will design a very specific exercise and rehabilitation program to suit your individual needs. If you’d like to make an appointment, please call us on (08) 8277 9667. We look forward to helping you get back on track.

SA Hand Therapy News

December 2017: Congratulations go to Michael Janetzki who passed his hand certification exam in November and can now call himself a Certified hand therapist! Find out more...

November & December 2017: Suzanne continues with her quest to educate country GP’s and physiotherapists by teaming with SAPMEA and PHN country SA. Find out more...

November 2017: Congratulations to Libby who has just attained her full membership to AHTA, which recognises her expertise as an experienced hand therapist. See Libby's profile...

November 2017:  Our governing board APRA has agreed that hand therapy requires specialist skills and training so full members of AHTA will become accredited hand therapists in 2018!! This is a welcome change to recognise the specialist expertise of hand therapists to achieve better results for our patients!

"One size does not fit all — we provide a tailor-made treatment program specially designed for you and your specific injury."